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Urgent Weekend Update: SHIBUMI!!

November 19, 2011


I think this is it! I think this is the word I’ve been waiting for.

No, not the word. The signature phrase.

I mean, it all began when I got icked out by the squee. I mean, not icked out as in you shouldn’t use it. Squee away for all your awesome news and I’ll be here eeee-ing away with you like, well, I don’t know what it’s like. Which is probably reason #472 why I shouldn’t be a writer.

But anyway, my point is that I don’t want to squee. Not for my good news. I’m just not a squee-er. I mean, I’m just not squee-ly. I don’t even think I have a squee-ey voice. Whatever. I’m not squeeing.

I have to interrupt this urgent post to say that I’m slightly irritated with my husband who walks over and I’m all “How do you like my new signature pharase?? SHIBUMI!!!” *Bam!!* and he says, “It looks like Shi-boom.”

So obviously he thinks it looks like Shibum, but that would be a stupid signature phrase. It’s shibumi!! And if it were going to be shibum, I would spell it shaboom.

He’s been banished from the room.


Anyway, I must give credit to Jim. Jim, I’m sorry I only know you as Jim. But the great Jim left this fabulous comment on yesterday’s blog post where he called my writing comfy and worth a good chuckle. That part of his comment has nothing to do with coming up with my new signature phrase, but I just thought I should let you know how Jim feels aboutΒ  my new blog.

Anyway, Jim also mentioned 3 of his favorite books, one of which is Shogun. So that sent me back approximately a gazillion years ago toΒ when I read Shogun and then some other books like that–those sweeping saga books–and I metnioned a few other authors, blah blah blah, and then I said that Shogun always makes me think of Japan and that makes me think of Shibumi, by Trevanian.

So I was telling Jim how at the time I think I half read Shibumi because it’s so much fun to say and then

BAM! It hit me.


My new signature phrase!!

Not that Holy Krakatoa hasn’t been fun. Because it’s been fun. But as several of you have pointed out, it’s kind of a mouthful. But I’m sure there will be opportunities to use it. But for now, I have to tell you that big news here will be announced and celebrated with much Shibumi-ing.

What do you think??? SHIBUMI!!!


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  1. Aww you are so funny and enthusiastic! πŸ˜€ SHIBUMI SHIBUMI SHIBUMI! Mind if I borrow that? Yes? Should I stick with Holy Marshmallows instead?

  2. Patrick Alan permalink

    A different font would make the “i” visible at the end.

    SHIBUMI reminds me of this…

  3. Haha, your posts are so entertaining. Shibumi!

  4. I was just going through books to throw out yesterday, an old battered copy of Shogun was one of them.

  5. Somebody needed to invent a word or phrase other than squeee. Because I also am not a squeer and have not been able to bring myself to squee over anything online yet, no matter how squee worthy it might be. Sadly for me, SHIBUMI!!! is perfect for you, but still not right for me. I’ve settled for awesome!!! and frankly I’m weary of it.

  6. I like Shibumi! I’m not a squee-er, myself. I’m more of a Woo Hoo-er. I do say the occasional Booyah, but only for special occasions. Congrats on finding your phrase!

  7. Ha… It makes me think of Shipoopi, as sung by Peter Griffin.

  8. It’s perfect! I’m not a squee person either, but I haven’t found a good alternative yet. Maybe I’ll try out shibumi! next time I have any squee-worthy news.

  9. It hearkens to my favorite Buffy-verse phrase ever uttered: Xander’s “Shpedoinkle!”

  10. Congrats on finding your signature phrase. I don’t think I have ever had or wanted a signature phrase. For me it would be too limiting. I like to come up with a new word or phrase on regular basis. Most of the time I just make it up as I go along. Much of the time it’s utter nonsense, but I am okay with this. Again congrats on finding phrase.

  11. guestbrain permalink

    Shibumi! Love it! I feel like you could even conjugate it if you really needed to. Perhaps your husband’s “shibum” could be used in special occasions – like, “That’s Shibum worthy news right there.” Just a thought. πŸ™‚

  12. Um, that was me above as guestbrain… you log in as a guest on one wordpress site and look what happens. Totally not shubumi.

  13. Methinks you have birthed an internet phenomenon. Shibumi indeed!

  14. Shibumi! sounds like food. Not regular food, Iron Chef food. Like, “Today’s secret ingredient is…SHIBUMI!” And then two chefs and eighty-some-odd sous chefs would get together and offer their succulent variations. I like it.

  15. CGWorrell permalink

    “Squee” still sounds like squeamish, and as Kerry S. pointed out, “awesome” is overdone. “Shibumi!” rolls off the tongue with a satisfying explosive quality…like a really good sneeze. I think you could make it stick. Kind of reminds me of my Venezuelan exchange student who bounced through the house shouting, “Yupi!” when he passed his calculus test.

    • Nice! I like that Yupi! And really, I like your whole comment. It is kind of like a satisfying sneeze. I once read about different sneezes and I personally am an enthusiastic sneezer. Satisfyingly explosive. I like it! Shibumi!!

  16. When I saw the word I immediately thought of THE MUSIC MAN…only now I can’t think of the word they used…it was the scene of the ice cream social (it’s been awhile since I’ve watched that musical). Anyway I thought of that.

    Still a fun word!

    I laughed when I read about you banishing your husband from the room. I bet he’ll never critique your signature phrases again.

  17. Shibum makes me think of Aladdin and Arabian Nights…?

  18. Shibumi! I love it. It’s unique and packs an exciting punch.

  19. Love shibumi! I’ve been a reluctant “squee-er” on occasion, but I always feel like I’m not acting my age. Are there age-appropriate exclamations?

    My boys say “sick” when something is really, really good. I’d never carry that off.

    My favorite word for gleeful exclamation is “huzzah!”.

  20. I think I’ve read shibumi about 25 times so I must admit the confusion of it being a signature phrase considering it’s meaning. Yet anything that might build enough buzz for it to become a movie is wonderful. πŸ™‚

    • I actually read it so long ago I’d forgotten the meaning (just loved the sound of the word) and so I got nervous and just looked it up, but I have to say–a state of effortless perfection? Sounds perfect! πŸ™‚

  21. Jim permalink

    Shibumi has alot of potential. What do you think of Holy Shibumi ! ? too Batmanny ? How about “My little Shibumi”, a new nickname for spouses that rain on signature phrase parades

    • Jim, I’m sort of devastated that you aren’t instantly in love with Shibumi. I fear your usefulness has come to an end. But feel free to continue to leave comments. πŸ˜‰

  22. Jim permalink

    This is my first blog experience, boy, tough crowd. I really like Shibumi. But you gotta admit, it has a lot of potential and it’s hard to keep a good word down. ciao for now

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