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Agent Goes Berserk From Sleep Deprivation

December 7, 2011

In case you couldn’t tell by the slightly manic tone of these past few posts (read: all), I’ve been running on fumes for weeks now. Since I still have no news, at least with respect to Coliloquy (though I’d be happy to report on my 3yo’s “self-directed-ness” during clean-up (I know, I was like wait, is this a good thing?? Or a bad thing??)), I am abandoning today’s (tomorrow’s) post in favor of sleep. I really mean it this time. Check my twitter feed from last night to see that I stuck to my promise of sleep by 9pm. I am desperate.

Tomorrow (Friday, unless I’m getting all confused here), if there’s still no real news, I will at least provide an entertaining story on what it’s like to work with the “literary whirlwind”that is Coliloquy (as Travis so rightly pointed out in the comments the other day AND in an email to me stressing that he feels sure he used that exact phrase).

To which I can only say, I feel certain I replied with, “Colilo-whaa???”

Oops, to prove my point, I hit publish when I meant to hit preview. But that damn email went out before I could cancel the whole thing. So consider this tomorrow’s (today’s?? (THURSDAY’S!!) post. See you Friday. I’m sleeping until then.


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  1. When I was 21, I attended a cricket bat polishing festival in deepest Wiltshire. As I walked back to my hotel room late one night, a pixie charged at me from a wooded glade and sought to hex me with her soporific magicks. Luckily I escaped, but not without first capturing a small gasp of the creature’s enchanted breath in a bottle. Over the years I’ve dipped into this bottle for help with insomniac children, massed goat attacks and a masseuse colleague incapable of relaxing her clients. Now, I give the last remains of my pixie breath to you, so you may sleep soundly..




  2. You’re so awesome, Whirl, except it’s 9am now and I’ve been up for 2 hours!!! How do I bottle this for tonight??? Although I’m proud to say that I did stick to my promise to go right to sleep last night. Sadly one night does not seem to be enough this time. Setting up the old coffee IV…

    • Looks like it’s time to break out the Musical Pan Pipe Gnomes of Inevitable Sleep Deferment…

  3. Ah, so you without sleep is very similar to you on cough medicine. It’s so selfish of me that I am very entertained by your mind-altered states. I will do my part in providing you with sleep by not sending you my latest until the new year. 🙂 Sleeping is my second favorite thing to do. First is eating. Perhaps this was why breakfast in bed was created–for those of us who wanted the best of both worlds. So why do I only get breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day? I need to put a complaint in with the management around here.

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