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Shibumi Tsunami

January 17, 2012

Remember that time I did that giant tease and I was all, this one time when I was on the tire swing, and then Wheee!! DO IT! DO IT!! And I jumped around in a fit of berserk excitement??

And how I was practically exploding with excitement because I thought I was finally going to get to share my news with you???

Yeah, that’s not happening today either.


In case you haven’t already heard the news from one of about ten gazillion media outlets, Coliloquy has officially launched!

So Coliloquy is doing so many exciting things for authors and readers and I just think it’s an incredibly cool company. And you should definitely check it out.

But what I want to talk about is how my author, Tawna Fenske, is taking advantage of their technology. Because you know, this is my blog and all.

So basically, Coliloquy is publishing Active Fiction. That’s just a fancy way of saying that you, the reader, will have CHOICES!!

So, for example, in Tawna’s new book, GETTING DUMPED, a serialized romantic caper about a woman who loses her job but finds love, intrigue, mayhem and a new career buried in the unlikeliest of places, you meet JJ. And JJ meets Daniel. And she meets Pete. Oh, and also Collin. I know, lucky JJ, right??

But such is life that there will come a point where JJ has a choice to make—I mean, just a temporary one. Or rather, just a preliminary one. Not like who is waiting for her at the end of the altar or anything. And YOU get to help her make that choice! You can read all of the different versions depending on who you would choose for JJ (or let’s face it, who you’d choose for yourself if these swoon-worthy men existed in real life, which come to think of it, why isn’t that a choice?? Come on, Coliloquy?? Can’t we make that happen???)

But despite Coliloquy’s seeming lack of ability to make fictional yummy men turn real, the company does have some seriously kick-ass technology. So what’s super cool is that there’s this schmancy feedback loop that will allow Tawna to see who readers are choosing and liking the best, and that may (or may not) influence Tawna’s writing—and her choices for JJ—as she continues the series. Because it’s coming out in episodes!

Each of the four launch authors is using Coliloquy’s technology in a slightly different way and they all use it beautifully. Another client of mine has written a book for Coliloquy and again, uses the technology in an even different way (that’s also super-cool, but alas, still remains a secret (you didn’t think I could give them all away at once, did you??))

What can I tell you? I have read all of the launch books. I think this is a SUPER fun way to read. It’s like a cross between choose your own adventure and DVD extra features. You get more—more time with your favorite characters, more options for what you want them to do, more input into no, don’t do that you stupid idiot! Or yes, of course you should choose him!!!!

It’s just plain FUN. And crazy exciting. A veritable SHIBUMI TSUNAMI!

And I hope you’ll give it a chance.

Tawna’s book is available NOW!!! Only at Amazon and only on the Kindle (Kindle, Kindle Touch, and Kindle Keyboard). So run there NOW and BUY IT!!!

And then tell me what you think!! Yay, Coliloquy!

  1. #TeamCollin for the win!!!

  2. well, I’m DEEPLY disappointed. I tried to buy it…only to find it’s apparently NOT compatible with the Kindle Fire!


    You might suggest to Coliloquy that they get their butts in gear to fix this. Virtually ALL my friends got Kindles this Christmas–and EVERY ONE was a Kindle Fire.

    • Stay tuned, particularly on Tawna’s site. I’m not saying I’m psychic or anything (like in her upcoming Believe it or Not), but there could be giveaways.

      • Well…but if it’s not compatible with the Kindle I have, I can’t read it. Amazon is claiming that all Kindles can access the book…EXCEPT the new, color Kindle Fire. Which is what my friends and I all have…

  3. I have it loaded and ready to go!!!! *love*

  4. Will it be available in other formats in the future? i.e. iPad?

  5. I agree with @mintahall. If it isn’t compatible with the Fire or Kindle apps, they’re loosing a lot of the base (me included). Hopefully this feature comes in the future, though.

  6. Wahoo!!! This is seriously cool. Maybe this will be my final excuse to buy a kindle. 🙂

  7. Thanks for your interest, everyone! We’re exclusively on the E Ink Kindles right now, but we’ll be expanding to other platforms in the near future.

  8. Couldn’t buy it either 😦
    But anyway congrats! It sounds exciting! 😀

  9. I got a kindle touch for Christmas and just bought Getting Dumped. Looking forward to a new reading experience!

  10. I read an article about Coliloquy earlier today – it sounds like an exciting way to interactively read. I hope Tawney and your other client have fun with their books. Congrats to all involved.

  11. Sandi Jones permalink

    Interactive reading? So cool! It’s like playing God (or Goddess) with fictional characters.

  12. james osbourne permalink

    wish i liked fiction. hate to be a non-fiction lover but just can’t enjoy the fiction anymore.

  13. Okay, that’s QUITE cool. Consider me on the look out for these books and keeping an eye on Coliloquy.
    I used to love the ‘choose your own story’ books when I was younger; this is just a grown up version which is waaaaaaaaaay overdue! 🙂

  14. *sniffles* *is Kindle-less* 😉

    Basically, Tawna’s blog sent me here (although I did read this yesterday from Twitter) and I desperately, urgently want to win the kindle 😛

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