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WHAT IF…we had choices??

January 27, 2012

Wait, you mean we don’t??

Anyway, I think we left off this discussion talking about Grey’s Anatomy the WHAT IF episode coming up (next week, duh! Weren’t you paying attention??) and it spiraled into a CRAZY MIND EXPLOSION of what ifs!!! Right?

I’m sensing you’re not with me. Let’s recreate the love.

WHAT IF I told you the Grey’s What If show isn’t on until next Thursday?

WHAT IF you had to read a book instead??

WHAT IF all the books looked so horribly mundane now that you’d been teased by the possibility of alternate realities???

WHAT IF there were books that offered that too?!?!?!


OK, I think we’re back on track.

So speaking of mind explosions, wait for it… There ARE books that offer alternate realities!!!

Yes, these amazing books have been published by that super cool company that I’ve been talking about (mostly to myself because it was also super secret) for months now, Coliloquy.

I guess really, it’s enabled the incredibly talented authors to ask the “What If” questions, to envision the alternate realities, but then we, the readers, get to make choices and explore them!!

Look, I think there are some big, flashy, cool things being done in the digital/ebooks/media space, but this really isn’t one of them.

HA!! Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you?

But it’s true. This one is more subtle.

Because you’re just reading a book. A really good book. And then all of a sudden you have a choice:


Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I know what to do with all these choices. I better go read them again. And again. Because I can do that, and it’s super cool.

I’m not sure why “super cool” has replaced SHIBUMI as the phrase of the day. I think my brain is just on maximum overload. Shibumi was practically invented for this event. Practically.

But you know what would be the shibumiest? If you were to go get one of these launch books—it doesn’t even just have to be Tawna Fenske’s because all four were excellent (Liz’s, Heidi’s, and Kira’s)—and then you told me how you liked it in the comments.

Or tell me something else.

Just comment. Because I like comments. Ok? Thanks.

MORE WHAT IFS COMING NEXT WEEK. Click here for a preview!

  1. Here’s a comment. I read these books and thought they were AMAZING!! ANd you know what else? Michelle, I think your blog is so entertaining and fun to read! If only I had more time, I would comment on every post. And probably every comment too.

    I am wildly impressed with how you pulled off that preview link thing. That is a true master-blogger trick. I’m sure you don’t want to give away your secrets, but can I ask, did you set that up as another post but make it private? (hint: NO!) I’m sure it was so uber complicated you may not even remember how you did it and probably wouldn’t ever be able to do it again.

    Do you think we’ll hear from you when you’re in California? Well, I hope so. But you never know. I always start with good intentions, but you know they say about those.

    Wait, did I just imply I was going to hell? Because that’s not what I meant.

    I think the real purpose of this trip (other than business of course) is to get some extra sleep. It is probably extra clear how necessary it is considering I’m talking to myself in the comments section of my blog.

  2. I haven’t read any of these books…but I’m definitely going to now. It sounds like an all-grown-up version of those choose your own adventure books that I LOVED as a kid. Who doesn’t want that?

  3. kayelam permalink

    I haven’t read one of the books either . . . yet, but I will.

    Instead, I’ll tell you something else. I love your new blog and when I saw you’d left a comment too, I laughed out loud. Between you and Tawna, I’m well entertained on the days you post.

    Enjoy California and your zzzzzzzzzs.

  4. I am intrigued. Audience participation? It’s like choose-your-own-adventure meets The Matrix. I will be downloading Getting Dumped (and posting about it on FB) once I get home from work. Sadly, Kindle “active content” is not yet available on mobile devices, apparently.

  5. I was SO excited to hear about the launch and SO SAD that I use my Kindle app on my iPad and it doesn’t work on there. Harumph. (I’m embracing my First World Problem…)

  6. This is just the start of the sort of ewriting initiatives we’ll see. Should be an exciting decade as the cyber touchpaper spark spreads.

    • Michelle Wolfson permalink

      I think so. I’m really excited about it. And a bunch of other cool things in the works. Who knows. You have to try new things.

  7. Sigh. I have a nook. And your what ifs made my head hurt just a little. The brain explosion and all that.

    • Michelle Wolfson permalink

      Sorry. It’s my enthusiasm. It cannot be contained.

  8. Bri permalink

    I’d love to read one of those titles (especially Dead Letter Office) but I don’t have a Kindle yet. I will wait till they have them available on the kobo. Now maybe they will work for the Kindle PC app?

    I would’ve loved to have read these as a kid – I devoured the choose-your own adventures which usually ended like when I played Oregon Trail: I died. But at least in the book I could turn back a page.

    • Michelle Wolfson permalink

      But you can go back here! And read the other choices. And reread and reread. Don’t wait for kobo. Get a kindle so you can read them now!!!
      Thanks for commenting though. 🙂

  9. Hmm, the ultimate Hitchiker to the Galaxy style of book. I always chose the path to infinite doom.

    • Michelle Wolfson permalink

      Those are the best ones sometimes. 🙂

  10. Kari Young permalink

    So I’ve read Getting Dumped and loved, loved, loved it! I’m kinda addicted to this choice thing. I’m torn between Dead Letter Office and Witches Brew for m next read.

  11. WARNING– I’m writing this comment in the dark at 1am on tiny, virtual, chiclet-size keys (stupid iphone) after taking half an Ambien. There’s a good chance it won’t make any sense (stupid autocorrect) at all but I heard your call for comments and had to oblige.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my courtesy-of-Coliloquy Kindle so I can get back to you on this one. Imagining my own projects in thd “active fiction” format is a trip. I wonder what my readers would wang to see happen in the end. Could be fun!

    Havd fun in CA!

  12. That sounds interesting! I’d love to do something like that – your authors must love it. 🙂 Tawna Fenske is so funny! ‘Why get her book’ is such a silly question. Why *not* get a Tawna treasure? Guilty pleasure *all over* Harvard Square!

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