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Reason #478 I Could Never Be A Writer: I Make No $en$e.

March 26, 2012

What is this blog for if not shameless promotion of my authors?

Wait, what?? You mean you expect me to entertain you too?? Well, follow my instructions here and for a mere 99 cents entertainment can be yours.

But before I give out instructions, I have to say that it sort of annoys me that I can’t find the cents symbol anymore. I mean, what happened to it?

And do you think that when you write $0.99, people read it as 99 cents? Because that’s what I wanted to make the flow of the sentence right, but I couldn’t be sure. Although I guess how else would you read that.

I’m probably going to go searching for it and then maybe I’ll find it in some obscure dingaling font that then won’t translate on WordPress anyway.

Pause while I go do that.

There it is. ¢ You know what. It wasn’t in fonts after all. It was insert a symbol. ¢ It was the second symbol. ¢ Right after $, although I’m not really sure why that’s there since it’s right above the 4. Who would actually go to Insert>Symbol>$ to type a dollar sign??

Anyway, that was actually shockingly easy. ¢

Is this what writers do??? Obsess about the way a single word sounds or a line reads?? Because I have to say, I think that might drive me batty. Admittedly, it’s probably a short trip, but still.

And then, you know why I really couldn’t be a writer??

Uh oh, I sense a post title change coming on. Oh, man. there were two in a row.

Ha ha, I just changed the title again!!! It was going to be Reason #478: I Make No ¢, but that makes no sense since it makes it seem like it’s about money and it’s not. I wanted to say I make no sense, but I wanted to use the ¢ symbol, but then I thought oh that stinks that there’s no “c” in sense, and then I thought WAIT!!! I can spell out sense using the $ but I won’t use the one from above the 4, I used the Insert>Symbol>$, which makes no sense!!!! Get it?!?!

Of course you don’t, because it makes no sense!!!!

Anyway, the reason I could never be a writer is because I need to explain all the steps I took to get to ¢. I could never just go back to that second paragraph and fix the problem by inserting the ¢.

But the original original title was shameless promotion, but since I haven’t even begun the promotion portion yet, I’d hardly call it shameless. But maybe we should get to that part.

So back to paragraph one, and the original point of my post, the original title, and the whole what you can get for 99¢…

Sourcebooks is hosting a special #eBookBracket challenge this week to determine which of 8 books is going to be on sale next week for 99¢. I need YOUR help to make sure it’s MAKING WAVES by the lovely and talented Tawna Fenske.

Please tweet the following as many times as you would like in the following days. Today is the last day for round 1. We need your help to push Tawna to the next round.

All tweets MUST contain the following (and anything else you want):

#eBookBracket MAKING WAVES @tawnafenske

I like a nice and simple:

My vote is for MAKING WAVES by @tawnafenske in the #eBookBracket

I WANT TO WIN!!!! Thanks for voting!

Had an interesting conversation yesterday with some school parents on how competitive we are versus our kids. How competitive are you? Let me know in the comments.

  1. LOL! Speaking as one of your clients, I don’t care if you don’t make ¢, as long as you make $. 😉

    So, are we allowed to vote repeatedly for Tawna? Will all our votes be counted?

  2. I’ve wanted to read Making Waves but my book budget has been severely cut back, so I’ll help!

    I grew up thinking I wasn’t competitive but truthfully, I really am. I’m more of a behind-the-scenes, passive-aggressive competitive, though. Racing cars off the line at intersections (and winning because they don’t know we’re racing), etc.

  3. Competitive – very, but only in certain areas. Like Words with Friends. I am determined to beat some of these very insanely strategic people I play against.

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