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April 4, 2012

I’m writing a guest blog post for The Debutante Ball and I’m having even more trouble than I used to (before I started my own blog).

I think I’ve unleashed my inner rambler and I can’t seem to get her back under control.

It’s one thing on my own blog to take forever to get to the point, but somehow I feel like delivering a book length post that says nothing to someone else might be a little…not done.

I think I just need to focus. But I’m sick. And I’ve completely lost my voice. And focus is not my strong suit today. Serves me right for putting this off.

Anyway, I need your help. What’s the ONE thing about agenting you wish you knew more about.

On a side note, damnyouautocorrect changed agenting to Argentina. Good thing I caught that because I don’t know much about Argentina except that it’s in Asia. Just seeing if you’re paying attention. 😉

Ok! One thing–in the comments. Best idea goes in my guest blog post. Next best idea(s) will be discussed here.


Also, thanks.


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  1. How has agenting (not Argentina!) changed with the rise of the e-books…in particular, what kinds of issues are developing in contracts, sales, marketing, etc.?

    And, forgive me for correcting you, but Argentina is NOT in Asia. It’s in Africa. I’m sure I saw it there. It’s buried under the forepaws of the Sphinx. If I look hard through the rubble on my desk, I think I can find the secret password to go in and retrieve it. But honestly, why do you want Argentina back? And what do they have to do with e-books anyway?

    Oops, that’s three questions. Maybe you can pick one? Darn. That makes four. I’d better stop while I’m behind, right?


    You aren’t REALLY counting these, are you? (Six! How to I stop this? SEVEN!)

    HELP! I’m trapped in Question Land and I can’t get out!!!

  2. Jessica permalink

    Perhaps a stance on agents who also help edit?like agents who are more hands on with the material vs those who just send it off to publishers? Not sure if that’s an entire blog post worthy but it’s something I would definitely want to know. Good luck and hope you feel better!

  3. It would interest me to know how they go about selling my book to a publisher. How does an agent talk a publisher who’s probably pitched to a lot to buy that particular book.

    Does the publisher rely on past experience with the agent most,or how well the agent pitches?

  4. An interesting question came up at a writer’s group I attended recently: “How do you bounce back from a bad first book?” That is, if a writer’s first work does poorly, how do agents get publishers and sellers interested enough to take a chance on the next one? The agent who was talking said her best advice was “write a better book,” which seemed a little flip to me. (Because writers set out to produce a sucky manuscript? Because all the people involved in the publishing process rub their hands together maliciously and go, “Mwahaha! That lousy writer! We’ll show HER in the long run!”) Me, I’m still trying to get my first book off the ground, so I have no dog in the fight, but it was definitely something I wondered about once the issue was raised.

  5. Just be yourself–you’ll be great! 🙂

  6. How to tell if your own query letter will be interesting to someone else.

  7. I love day in the life posts best. They really illuminate the nuances of agenting more than anything

    • See, that’s what I told her, too. I’m sure a day in Michelle’s life would be fascinating to read about. Not to mention, highly entertaining. 😉

    • I fourth it! Are you allowed to ‘forth’ something? A day in the life of Michelle would be awesome.

      • Um….that was supposed to say ‘fourth’ something. Yeah…..maybe you can talk about how important editing is and making sure a manuscript is in top shape. Ha!

  8. Since everything seems to be changing in the industry, how do you see your profession evolving? What changes would you like to see? How much attention do literary agents pay to writers’ blogs? Will blogs be part of the future? What latent readership is being overlooked right now?

  9. RSR permalink

    I’d like to more about the submission process in terms of all the behind the scenes pitches, conversations and follow ups. Not to mention how you go about determining the submission list. In other words, all those sub things that we writers are typically shielded from.

  10. Argentina is in Asia? Africa? Okaaaaay.
    I too like all of the questions posted so far. I would also like to know your thoughts on the more modern agents/agencies who are mostly paperless (electronic querying) versus those who are still old-school (snail mail/SASE querying): who is more competitive these days in the publishing industry? Or are they about the same?

  11. I’m hoping this suggestion might pique your interest…

    What do agents look for when taking on a published author? What do agents take into consideration regarding the author’s back-list or debut novel and the ones to follow? Also, what aspects of fiction author platform is important in today’s world of digital and harcopy publishing – for an agent to consider. Would an author’s platform have any impact on an agent’s willingness to sign him/her as a client if the author loves the author’s work but the platform is currently weak?

  12. So this isn’t even a question, but how would you feel about sharing a Bottom Ten List of worst queries/mistakes/gaffes that writers have given you?

  13. Hey x Like others new to the forum I’ve been a ‘Lurker’ for a long time and think it about time I started to join in with things…I particulary enjoy the soaps and reality TV objects…..furthermore will comment on any theme that takes my interest….Looking forward to

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