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Rack it in, Dumbhead!

May 29, 2012

Aren’t you dying to know what that means??

So I said to my husband maybe I shouldn’t call my post by this title since no one will know what it means, and he asked when have I ever let that stop me before?

Good point.

So if you’ve been paying any attention at all to me (PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!), then you know that the super cool Carlin Gettliffe of Project Ontheread has arrived!!

That’s right. Carlin has traveled all over the world and finally arrived at the center of the universe, my apartment. I bet he didn’t know the center of the universe would literally be such a pinprick in space.

Anyway, the time arrived for me to reveal my book choice to all the world, well, to Carlin, and he wept with joy.

Actually, I think his actual response was a shoulder shrug and a huh, never heard of it. At which point I took the book back from him, smacked him in the shoulder with it, and shouted, “RACK IT IN, DUMBHEAD!!”

He jumped to attention and I continued my tirade: “START READING ASAP!! FIRST DISCUSSION DURING DINNER TONIGHT AT 20:00 HOUR. You better not be late. You better not be late! You better not be late!!”

Even though we’re always late.

Anyway, if you want to join the discussion, pick up your own copy of THE LORDS OF DISCIPLINE by Pat Conroy and start reading.


Now drop and give me 50, Dumbhead!!


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  1. Purchased! Will read tonight. Ma’am.

  2. Running out to dance…but great book!

  3. Wondering whether to feel ashamed that I haven’t read it. Must read.

  4. Aurelia Blue permalink

    Love Conroy… Never read this one… I’m with you you up there ^^^Annette 🙂

  5. I haven’t read that one–I will have to remedy that (hopefully soon enough to join the “book club”)! What did he think of it?

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