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Because I’m Awesome Like That

July 10, 2012

I mean, sorry, but I said I wasn’t going to use a random number generator or anything. I wanted to judge you for your entries and so I’m judging you.

There were a lot of good ones, and quite a few boring ones from people who seemed to think I wanted an explanation of the real Higgs Boson thingamajig. Didn’t you read other people’s entries?? Whatever.

Anyway, in my mind there was one real standout. And so the winner is…



Since there are only about 10 gazillion Jennifers in the world, and possibly more than one who commented on the post, I will copy Jennifer’s awesome entry here:

Higgs Boson was a rapper who peaked in the late 90s. His hits included, “I Wanna Unzip Your Genes,” and “We’re Radioactive, Baby.” He fell out of popularity after a concert incident involving fireworks and a lost toothbrush.

Nicely done, Jennifer!! My favorite part is the way you put “genes” in the song title. Truly brilliant. Please email me your address and I will send you Kiersten White’s ENTIRE Paranormalcy trilogy!!! Including the not yet released ENDLESSLY!!! Shibumi! Put blog contest winner in the subject.

Since of course any old Jennifer could email me like that, I will devise a series of questions so that we will be able to figure out whether or not it is you. Rest assured, the correct Jennifer will get the trilogy. I cannot be fooled.

AND!!! Because I’m awesome like that…

Oh, pause for a blog post title change–

Because I’m awesome like that, I have chosen a 2nd place winner who will receive an ARC of ENDLESSLY (without the 1st and 2nd books in the trilogy, so if you haven’t read them, go buy them (hey! everyone’s a winner here!!)) and that 2nd place winner is…

Valette M with the following comment:

A Higgs Boson is the recliner old women store their many cats and said cats’ accessories on.

I don’t even like cats.

Finally, coming in 3rd place, with no prize other than the Michelle Wolfson stamp of approval, is Harris Bloom with the following:

Higgs Boson was Mayor of Hazard County during the Dukes of Hazard’s fourth season when Boss Hogg was out due to contract negotiations…

And there you have it, folks.

Remember, ENDLESSLY is coming out July 24th for everyone! It’s worth the wait!!

Thanks for playing.


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  1. Tim Barzyk permalink

    Yikes! Boring! I thought the outer space fart jokes would have lightened it up a little! lol – oh well – more snark, less facts next time.

    I sometimes do science communication — jumped on that interpretation of “alternate definition” (present with lay terminology) — shoulda gone along with the other entries, but it was earlier in the contest and pretty late at night, etc. etc. excuse excuse.

    Have to admit that Jennifer’s entry was pretty awesome though, so doubt I could’ve beaten that anyway.

    Ah, well. Lesson learned, but I stand by my claim that it’s not wise to fart in your space suit.

  2. Boss Hogg -> Higgs Boson: perfect! Love that imagery.

  3. Aurelia Blue permalink

    Yay, Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours was MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I saw it shortly after I posted and was like, “OMG, I wish *I* wrote that!” Congrats, you won this one hands down! Nice work to Harris and Valette too. 🙂

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