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Reason #535 I could Never Be A Writer

October 24, 2012

So I just tweeted how I posted on my blog today (this was yesterday).

I feel kind of like a cheater since I’m writing this post in advance but what can I say? I feel inspired.

But that also kind of ties into the topic of the moment.

So I tweeted how I posted on my blog today and I’m so proud of myself.

Then I tweeted ooh, I have an idea for a blog post.

Pause while I actually write the idea down just in case I forget it while I getting to my point.

Wow, I actually paused and wrote the idea down. Lucky for you. That’s a sad, sad comment on the state of my memory. Or the state of my ramble-y posts. Maybe I’ll look at it that way.

Speaking of ramble-y, I had it in there as rambly, but that looked wrong. Also, WordPress is squiggly lining it with red, but what do you think, rambly? Ramble-y? Ram-Bull-EE(k)??

Ehhhh-nyway, it’s about that time where I should be getting to the point, so I’m going to go ahead and do that now.

So my point was that I think I’m really too self-congratulatory over small nothings to be a writer. There was something about my intense pride at my blog post-yesterday’s (which was really just earlier today’s so imagine how I feel now having written TWO posts!), that didn’t feel writerly.

Oh crap, now I have to have a debate about whether it should be writerly or writer-ly. Or maybe writery?? No, WordPress doesn’t like that last one. Damn you, you squiggly red line.

But back to my point, I guess maybe it goes with the territory since writers have to be good at edits so you have to be a little harder on yourself than I tend to be. I just have to be hard on other people. Sorry, but it’s true.

Anyway, I guess for now, we’ll leave things as is. You write. I’ll do…whatever it is that I do. And we’ll debate all the -y words in the comments.

Oh, and also buy my books.


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  1. jessiedevine permalink

    Rambly. Definitely rambly.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I think writers have to be more self-congratulatory than your average cat. If you don’t celebrate every little success along the way, the journey is just too hard. And I vote for rambley and writerly.

  3. I put on makeup today!!! Wahoo!!!! (That’s what I congratulate myself for. That or cleaning.) 🙂

  4. Renee Collins permalink

    Writers can be self-congratulatory, but they are also fiercely hard on themselves. We’re bipolar! It’s, by far, our strongest quality. 😉

    Also, this post made ma laugh.

  5. Aurelia Blue permalink

    My first book length manuscript was a non fic about Sensory Processing Disorder (which eventually devolved into a series of pamphlets my doctor and local early childhood intervention programs used for educating parents with children new to the diagnosis) . I was EXTREMELY blessed to have the support of a world renown writer/speaker/expert on the subject editing it for me. This was about 8 years ago when cell phones were fairly new, and email on a lap top was the coolest thing. My expert travels constantly, and was just excellent about emails and phone calls from the road. Once I used the word “epiphanic” (which Chrome just red squiggly lined, btw, as I typed it) and we spent twenty minutes trying to communicate as she bounced along a W.VA hwy losing connections to email and her cell, over whether or not it was a word. Merriam-Webster and I said, yes, and she said no. Finally, we decided I should just make a little glossary in the back of the book with all my special words because honestly, “epiphanic” was the least glittery word we’d argued about. She suggested my “flavor” was too fun to hide, so embrace it and get on with it.

    I think that’s what you should do too. It’s part of the Wolfson charm. (oh, hey your name just red squiggle lined too, lol) 😉 Isn’t the world pretty when we color outside the lines?

  6. Definitely ‘rambly’. My eye doesn’t even stumble over it. I get it right away, without pause or thought or distraction. Throw in a dash and I’m like, “Oh, so that’s how you’re supposed to spell that word.” I’m thinking about spelling rules rather than the rambly-ness…

    I’m a writer, and being “self-congratulatory over small nothings” is a survival tactic, and not a bad one at that. Though perhaps for me it’s as much because I’m a mum (of two under twos) as well as a writer… all at the same time. Any progress is good progress! I am making an art form out of self-congratulation 🙂 Swept crumbs from under high chair within half a day of their scattering – I deserve a slice of cake. Wrote a blog post – coffee time! Edited five pages – ooh! flowers! Went for a walk – ooh, the traiteur is open. Hummus anyone? Yes please.

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