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Riveting Storytelling

December 11, 2012

Riveting storytelling. That’s gotta be talking about me, right?

I mean, my stories are pretty awesome, aren’t they?? I’m sort of blushing, because I don’t know that I would go so far as to say that they’re riveting, but still, if you want to call them that, that’s ok with me.

Oh wait. That wasn’t about my stories.

That’s from the Kirkus review of Kasie West’s debut PIVOT POINT!

That’s right!! Kasie just got an amazing review from Kirkus!!! And, I mean, I’m just saying, Kirkus is not exactly known for giving out reviews filled with unicorns and hearts and love.

Not only did they say “West’s debut showcases riveting storytelling.” but they also threw around phrases like deft plotting, strong place and said, “Both love interests are developed well, and readers will be able to see Addie with either.”

There is NOT, however, a love triangle. What?? How does she manage that? I know. Crazy!! Read the full review here for a synopsis and more details (with no spoilers).

And if I were you, I’d keep checking Kasie’s site regularly, since I think you’ll be seeing more great things there about PIVOT POINT very soon. It’s written with stars. I mean, it’s written in the stars.  Or Kasie is a star. Or all of the above.

So quick! Mark it as To Be Read on Goodreads. And pre-order it NOW!!

Why are you still here?? The post is over. Go be ordering or something!!

Or if you’re still here, at least tell me in the comments how excited you are for PIVOT POINT.


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  1. I’m pretty excited about Pivot Point. 🙂 Thanks for the shout out, Michelle. I think it could’ve been talking about you. You are definitely a riveting story teller.

  2. Jared permalink

    I loved Krokus in the 80’s. They rocked hard. I didn’t realize they did book reviews though. I guess they reinvented themselves like Mayim Bialik from “blossom” did.

  3. Congrats to Kasie!!! PIVOT POINT is a fantastic read, and deserves all the praise!

  4. Aurelia Blue permalink

    Yay, Kasie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Aurelia Blue permalink

    *snickers at Jared* She’s smart though, dude, you got hand her that. 😉

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