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Beep Beep Boop

July 30, 2014

I feel like all my posts that comment on WordPress always have that annoyed tone to them.

Well, I’m thrilled to report that for once I’m completely delighted with WordPress. Although ironically, it’s for something that would probably annoy anyone else. Although maybe not.

Anyway, I was trying to load this site so I could post this post (which incidentally, has nothing at all to do with WordPress), and it was taking some time to load, and WordPress so kindly put up a little box with flashing lights and the phrase “Beep Beep Boop.”

So that phrase reminds me of another story, which unfortunately can not be told here because this is a family blog.

Ha, just kidding. This isn’t really a famly blog, and that’s not why I can’t tell the story. But this is sort of a publishing blog (sorrrrt of) and so I can’t tell the Beep Beep Boop story (although it’s really more Beep Beep Bop), but suffice it to say that screen cracked me up and kind of made my day. Go, WordPress!

Anyway, the real post today is about how EVERYONE’S A WINNER!!!! Which normally I totally hate when that happens. I think I may have done a blog post about it once, but it may have been forever saved as a draft. Or a half draft more likely.

But it’s true! In this case, everyone IS a winner!! Because Amazon AND are both running sales right now offering Tawna Fenske’s Fiancee for Hire for only $0.99! So I thought that price was ending on Monday. But you can still get this title for that amount!! I don’t know how long this will last anymore, but I don’t know what you are waiting for. This book is amazing.

In the meantime, there’s still only one winner for the necklace contest from last week, and that winner is Kara. I knew from the moment I read your entry that yours was going to be my favorite, and despite some truly great entries, yours is still my favorite, hands down. Congratulations, Kara! On having a husband who washes dishes (awesome!) and on winning the necklace! Please email me your address and I will send you your necklace.

OK, children. With that, and a beep beep boop, I bid you farewell.

OMG I HATE WORDPRESS. It turns out the only reason I got that Beep Boop nonsense was because I was writing my post on someone else’s blog. WTF?!? Then stupid wordpress didn’t want to let me copy and paste it to mine and I thought I was going to have to do the whole thing over again!!! I managed to do it but only because I’m actually getting kind of good at this blogging thing, don’t you think???

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  1. Kevin A. Lewis permalink

    You’re not alone in your digital chaos; there’s at least one large NY agency that has lost about 90% of their in-coming e-mail traffic because of denial-of-sevice viruses (and, I suspect, their own clumsy firewalls against it) which is why I only use e-com for yacking purposes. I’m on the Jonathon Franzen diet plan, which means no internet portals within a hundred yards of my writing area. (I check my mail at the library) All sendouts are hard copy; (easier on the eyes, harder to lose) as long as these programs are designed by white geeks with few social skills and no girlfriends, this crap’s just gonna get worse… I also stay away from addictive substances like social media, so if hostile flying saucers attack, I’ll actually notice and can flee while everyone else is busy trading tweets and getting vaporized.

    • Aurelia Blue permalink

      Whoops, meant to reply directly to you…^^^ LOL. I’m sorry, Kevin, but I haven’t laughed a good belly laugh in ages. I agree with you about 98%… but just the way you put it.. You and I must become good lifelong friends. It’s beshart.

  2. Aurelia Blue permalink

    ^^^ LOL. I’m sorry, Kevin, but I haven’t laughed a good belly laugh in ages. I agree with you about 98%… but just the way you put it.. You and I must become good lifelong friends. It’s beshart.

  3. Emily Matthews permalink

    Your way of interacting with authors on here is so different than the usual

    “Dear Emily,
    I’m not looking for… whatever this is supposed to be… at this time.
    VERY sincerely,

    I love your blog! I confess, I laughed a bit of my Cocoa Krispies onto the table just now with the ‘Beep, Beep, Boop’ post. Not to give a gross mental image, but… It’s the truth.

    I am sending you my query within ten minutes.


  4. Kevin A.Lewis permalink

    Ghost Blog Patrol # 4879er reporting:
    No signs of life in this sector-beaming out……………

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