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Can You Feel It??

So, this has been a really long year (school year to school year) but there have been moments, even little pockets of awesome, and I’ve tried to share them.

Yesterday, with the release of THE GREAT PANTY CAPER by Tawna Fenske, I read a blog post by Coliloquy co-founder Lisa Rutherford, and it brought me back to many such great moments, not only in this past year, but in every year since Lisa and Coliloquy have come into my life.

I started reading a couple of my old posts from when I was first announcing Coliloquy-remember the days  when I was so BERSERK with excitement, I could barely keep my thoughts together?? Remember the Shibumi Tsunami of excitement??? No, I don’t either. That’s why I linked to it so you could go back and read it. Duh.

Anyway, I hate that I haven’t had enough time lately to share that kind of excitement with the world (you know, assuming the whole world reads my blog) on a regular basis, but I do know that I still feel it.

My own personal tsunami (aka #renoventing) is coming to a close, and I hope for more time for more regular updates here.

In the meantime, go buy some books!!!

Also coming this month: FAR TOO TEMPTING (formerly called The Break Up Album) by Lauren Blakely. Readers are saying this is the best Blakely book yet!!! Or maybe that’s what I said? No, no, early readers, definitely.

Holy crap!! I almost forgot the best part!! Coliloquy is offering a bundled sale of ALL 3 OF TAWNA’S BOOKS!!! $4.99+$4.99+$1.99=$8.99!!!!! Um, what the hell are you waiting for????? (I know, I wish I knew how to do blinking special effects and stuff, but I don’t)

Tell me how much you’ve missed my blog in the comments.

PS-the title was supposed to refer to the excitement in the air or something but I sort of forgot about it until I saw it posted and then it looked just weird and a little creepy. Gotta run so I have no time to change it (even though I realize this is longer but I have no time to change it to something clever, but at least I can put this it’s really not meant to be creepy disclaimer.

Tumble Into Fall

So I just went to look at my blog to see if there was a new post (what, I already admitted I do that) and yeah, it was still that tumbling post I wrote last week.

Then I looked at the date of that post and thought, Holy Freaking Crap!!! How did they do that??? It’s like I tumbled through time and Tumblr stole my summer. I mean, that’s what must have happened, because there’s no way I wrote that almost two months ago!!! Because I’ve just been sitting here staring at tumbles this whole time. Crazy! And not the good crazy.

Anyway, it’s practically Fall now, so let me tell you what’s going on (BESIDES THE FACT THAT I’M MOVING #RENOVENTING).

So much book news. In the Just out and about to come out we have:*


QUICK FIX by Linda Grimes


EAT, PLAY, LUST by Tawna Fenske

STARRY NIGHTS by Daisy Whitney

THE CHAOS OF STARS by Kiersten White

TRICKED AND TREATED (in Lovers Unmasked anthology) by Lauren Blakely


THE BREAK-UP ALBUM by Lauren Blakely

And more awesome books to come after that. But that will take us through October. And hopefully I’ll have time to breathe and find my way out of the giant tumblr void I’m stuck in. There’s really cool stuff there though, did you know that???

Check out those books!

* Please note in an impressive show of fairness, I alternated between links to BN and links to Amazon.

** This book is not available yet for pre-order. However, it is a Shultz sisters mystery (cue wild applause), so I have linked to the Publisher’s page where you can read about and then purchase (at Amazon, BN, OR independents) the first and second parts of the series. This novella stands alone, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to read the first two. So I was just being helpful. You know, since that’s my middle name and all.

*** Ok, now I’m really done.

Do a Tumble

So I was eating my raspberry Pop Tart, and I thought I would go check out Daisy Whitney’s blog and see if maybe she posted a new Tokyo video or something for her new book WHEN YOU WERE HERE. These videos are so awesome (don’t even get me started on how much I love the book) and I’ve been seeing them pop up in reviews and here and there but sort of randomly.

So I go to her blog, and she hasn’t posted in a really long time!!! And instead, there’s some nonsense about how she may or may not be updating there, but you can probably find her at her new Tumblr site.

Well La Di Da Miss Daisy Fancy Pants!

So I click on the Tumblr link and get taken to this slick fancy site and sure enough, there’s a video I haven’t seen all about the vending machine culture in Tokyo (I particularly like the Minority Report one–nice, Daisy!) and it’s awesome.

So I decide to follow her. Even though I think I’ve made it clear at some point when I first learned about blogs that I have no idea what that means to “follow” someone’s something, since then I still have to go search it out. I’m a lazy follower, internet. I want the content delivered to me. But I digress.

Anyway, then I remember vaguely that a while back, Kiersten White created a Tumblr (is that what you do?? create a Tumblr? create a Tumblr page?? A Tumblr site??? Make a blog on Tumblr?!?! I don’t even have the words to describe this. Clearly I am in over my head). So I search for her only to see that she has been posting stuff there practically every day!!!!

Here I thought oh, well Kiersten’s been so busy what with having a new baby. We can’t expect her to be blogging all the time, you know. Keep in mind this is a huge turnaround from the days when I used to have a panic attack when Kiersten hadn’t posted on her blog by 10am EST!! But no! She’s just on Tumblr (at Tumblr?? moved to Tumbler??? into Tumblr?!?)!!

So I follow Kiersten too.

Suddenly, Tumblr wants to know who I am. I’m thrilled! I figure they’re going to deliver the content to me! They ask for my email address, yadda yadda yadda, and then they ask how old I am. As if the fact that I just wrote yadda yadda yadda doesn’t give it away.

I’m onto them. They know I have no clue what’s going on and as soon as they see how old I am, I know they’ll know I know they know (I’m not sure what happened there but I’m on a roll so just keep going). It’s totally a trick question!!!

I sneak a quick look over my shoulder to make sure no one is looking and quickly drop 5 years. Cross my fingers and…Boom I’m in.

I’m doing a little celebratory dance, until I realize that somehow I didn’t just sign up to follow Daisy and Kiersten, but somehow Tumblr thinks I’m going to do a Tumble myself. WTF?!?

And just like that I realize they totally had the last laugh. Because I only know how to type that, and they’re somewhere in Tumbleville posting those little dancing gifs of a bitchy girl saying, “Suckerrrrrr!” then falling down laughing. Then doing it again. And again. And again. Like 50 gazillion times and you can’t look away.

Anyway, they can’t trick me into Tumbling. At least I hope they can’t.

I’m not sure who “they” is in this scenario, but I will say that I’m slightly concerned since I used to think that “they” could never get me on Twitter or blogging, and I think we all know what happened there.

Anyway, in other news, I somehow found a Tumble called  Shit Rough Drafts. It’s really funny. I don’t even know how to link to a Tumble. Unless I did it. Because then I guess I do know how.

Oh, also I’m totally changing the name of this post to something else. But I’m not sure what yet. Clearly this is a well thought out plan. Link to a Tumble. Do a Tumble. Tumble This! I know there’s no E in it, but that’s half the reason it irritates me so much. (Previous title: It’s a Trick Question (sorry, but )

Ha! I think I got interrupted by actual work there. I’m pretty sure I was going to make some brilliantly witty comment about rough drafts being shit applying to titles too.

Anyway, tell me your favorite Tumble in the comments! I need good Tumbles to follow. Even though I’m not really sure how to ever find them again. But just in case I figure it out.

Oh yeah, book news! THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US by Kasie West (yes, the same Kasie West who wrote PIVOT POINT) is coming out this Tuesday July 3!!! It’s awesome so don’t forget to go pick up a copy! And QUICK FIX by Linda Grimes (Book 2 in the ongoing adventures of Ciel Halligan from IN A FIX) is coming out August 20! And MIND GAMES is still $1.99 but that could end any second! It’s worth the read no matter the price, but hurry… And don’t forget WHEN YOU WERE HERE by Daisy Whitney. This gorgeous book is worth navigating Tumblr for. I don’t know what higher compliment I could give.

What She Said

Yes, this is the lamest post ever, but…what she said.*


*The only reason I even added that line is because WordPress won’t let me link to the title of a post. WordPress, Grrr.**

**If you click on that link, you’ll be taken to a whole post about a WordPress, Grrr*** moment. I should trademark that phrase. Incidentally, that was another Kiersten White cover reveal post. Damn she writes fast.

***I can’t put make “WordPress, Grrr” a tag because the comma splits it up into two tags. GRRR, WORDPRESS!!!! #DammitSiri


Oh yeah, more books

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 6.01.46 PM

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Remember that time I had a complete stranger come sleep on my couch?

And I recommended a book and he stayed until he finished it?

Well I mean, first there was the agonizing decision–if I had to choose just one book to recommend, what book would it be??

And then there was that ridiculous brilliant idea for a book club which is still totally going to happen of course.

And then we discussed how I arrived at my choice, The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy (I mean, I could make you go link to it, but I haven’t even gotten to the real reveal of this post and that wasn’t it, although I bet you might have an idea where this is going).

Anyway, remember?? Remember???

I’m dictating this to Siri on my phone and she’s telling me she doesn’t “do” links. So if there are links to the old posts, I am the master of phone blogging. And if not, well, just go search On the Read.

So it turns out, I am not the master of phone bogging. But also, it turned out it was the middle of the night on Saturday and not Sunday, so there was still time to fix this properly! How cool would it be if I’d been the master of phone blogging though?

Anyway, as you’ve probably guessed, we are SUPER excited to be welcoming back (to our dinner table only this time, hence the all caps super) Carlin Gettliffe.

I can’t wait to hear about all of the awesome things Carlin has been doing since we last saw each other. The little bit I know from the emails we’ve exchanged makes me very excited for tomorrow evening. I will share soon, since it’s sure to be interesting.

In the meantime, for old time’s sake, if you had to recommend just one book to someone, what book would you recommend? Tell me in the comments.

Team OBX

This weekend I was watching my son play Little League and in the middle of all those boys, was one little girl.

Well when I was 7, that girl was me! Bet you didn’t know that about me. But I’m actually kind of sporty.

Is it rude to say I think I was a little better than this girl? I think it is, but what can I say. I’m competitive too.

Which is why I’m glad my son wasn’t on the team where the kids were running straight from second base to home plate. Although it was pretty cute.

Anyway, given all of the above, it should now come as no surprise that I actually love books that are set in the world of sports.

So when I found GAME. SET. MATCH. by Jennifer Iacopelli (thank you, Georgia McBride and YALitchat!!), I was crazy excited.

Tennis, drama, love, all set at the awesome Outer Banks Tennis Academy (OBX)! Well, I was hooked.

Now I could write a whole thing here about which player is my favorite, and which couple I’m rooting for, but the truth is, Jen has devised this awesome contest for you. But you just have to read about it. Join the OBXers. There are points, there are prizes, there are free samples of the book! There’s GSM SWAG, people!!!!

Get to Jen’s blog IMMEDIATELY and sign up to be a Team OBXer.

And maybe, just maybe, when the book comes out, I’ll tell you if I’m Team Penny, Team Indy, or Team Jasmine.

Before you go, just admire this gorgeous cover. I can’t really take any credit for it, but I like to think that I helped when I looked at an earlier potential option and said something like, “they look like they hate each other!!!” Tell me, do these two look like they hate each other??? I think not!!!

Raise your hand if you love this cover as much as I do and can’t wait to read this!!

Wait, what are you still doing here? Go join the OBXers!!

Available May 1!

Available May 1!

The Awesome Tale of Jessie

Yeah yeah yeah, just in case you haven’t been following The Awesome Tale of Jessie, I’m going to start at the end and tell you that she just landed a TWO BOOK DEAL!!

That’s right. I mean Jessie Humphries!

You know, the one who pops up when you search The Awesome Tale of Jessie. (or maybe some other things)

Because Jessie was IN IT TO WIN IT.

She showed me.

But what are you doing over here??

Get over to Jessie’s blog and congratulate her!!!


It’s Spring Break.

You know where to find me.



PS-Buy my books

Love Is In The Air

Yes, folks. Love is in the air.

Or maybe romance is in the air.

Or maybe that’s just the pollen count going up.

Whatever, I’m getting all sniffly thinking about first loves and great loves and the awesome answers to the contest to win one of Lauren Blakely’s books!!!

You forgot to enter? Hey, you snooze, you lose.

Also, you didn’t entertain me enough? Well, you lose too.

But hey, you have your love. So you should be all good.

But for 2 lucky winners, there’s a copy of one of Lauren’s books coming your way.

The runner up, and winner of CAUGHT UP IN US is none other than Hannah.

I mean, you probably saw that coming. Did you read her story??? That’s how I want to meet my husband one day!! Oh wait, I’m already married. Maybe in my next life. Tres cute, Hannah’s parents. Bet you never thought you’d win your daughter a romance novel, did you?

And the first place winner, for having a first love that is so near and dear to my own heart, is SemiSaneBeth. SSB, I could fall in love with you for your name alone. But your deep and abiding passion for coffee, well, there was just no way it could have been anyone else. SemiSaneBeth, you won a copy of PRETENDING HE’S MINE.*

So, I am currently in talks with Lauren because I have no idea how to gift an eBook.

Wait! This just in!

Apparently, if you email me your email address (although if you email me, I’ll just have it), and tell me if you use a kindle or a nook (or is there another option??) I will get you your copy.

See, I was trying to make it sound like I knew what I was doing and I was going to be the one doing the sending, but really, it will be from Lauren directly. How extra cool is that???

So basically, email me whatever information you think Lauren would need to know in order to send you the book in a format you can read, and let’s go from there.

Congrats to all you lovers out there, and if you didn’t win…sucks for you.

But hey, just go BUY a copy because these books are so awesome.

*Even though you are the grand prize winner, SemiSaneBeth, you won the novella, but that’s because I liked it just a tiny bit better than Caught (which was still awesome, mind you). This is actually shocking, by the way, since I am generally not a fan of short stories or novellas, so for me to have fallen SO in love with Pretending He’s Mine, well, what can I say?? That’s how good this one is. Go read it now, people!!!