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About Michelle Wolfson

photo by Erin Summerill

I’m a literary agent. My clients are awesome. I tweet a lot. My tweets go into the great twitter void. So I decided to blog. I always said I’d never blog. I’d like to think this is the only lie I’ve ever told you.

I have so much exciting news that I am dying to share with you. That’s not a lie. Stay tuned.

If you must know more immediately, please check or my Publishers Marketplace page.

Also, if we ever meet in person, don’t blame me if you don’t recognize me since this is probably the best photo of me that’s ever been taken. All the credit goes to the lovely and talented Erin Summerill.

  1. soarswitheagles permalink

    Hi Michelle!

    I was just on Tawna Fenske’s blog… and there was a reminder of posting on YOUR blog as an entry to win a Kindle. So, yeah. That’s what I want. To win a Kindle. I have a Nook but, of course, you know there’s no option for her book there. And me? I like choices. And reading Tawna’s books. So sign me up (please and thanks)!
    AKA Sprouting Acorn.

    • I’m sorry, that drawing happened already. But if you look on Twitter and do a search on Coliloquy, you’ll see there are a bunch of kindle giveaways with all 4 launch books on them. Join the lottery, you never know!

  2. I love a little bit that you lied to us, and love completely that you found the one good picture you think you have and run with it. This is my calling card as well. Not the lying, but the other thing.

  3. not taking queries or submissions at this time? Would you consider a hired hand? I’ll read slush…anything. skills include, cleanliness, punctuality and a great desire to re-enter the ‘paid’ work force after spending 15 yrs. in the unpaid position of knitting the fabric of the community, as well as raising decent human beings.

  4. R C MURTHY permalink

    Hi, are U looking at memoirs? My project’s tentative title, “A Memoir of a TN-hit Journalist,” sounds something? (TN stands for Trigeminal Neuralgia.) Tks
    R C Murthy

  5. Love your friendly style. You created a great atmosphere with only a few words.

  6. You’re kind of like the yin to my yang. I decided to blog because I was never going to tweet. And just this morning I decided I’d better hop on the Twitter wagon. Maybe I’ll see you there, if I ever get around to actually doing it…

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